stages in the procedure

1. preparation and contract

After a preliminary talk about expectations and goals of the mediation process, the conduct of the procedure will be discussed with the parties. A mediation contract concerning commonly agreed standards of behaviour, confidentiality, voluntariness etc. will be concluded.

2. collection of topics

The parties concerned will present the conflict from their own perspective. They will then decide which conflict topic will be dealt with and in which order this will be done.

3. clarification of interests

This point represents the core element of the mediation process. By clarifying the question which interests and needs are hidden behind the different positions, the mutual understanding grows. It also facilitates the task of finding a common solution.

4. joint brainstorming session for conflict resolution

In this phase, ideas and possibilities for a solution are gathered according to priority and without making any evaluation.

5. implementation of the options

Concepts for a possible solution of the dispute will be jointly worked out and determined by a definite agreement. This agreement will be carefully examined by the respective legal representative of each party. Only after that, the agreement will be signed. According to the wishes of the parties involved, the agreement may also be notarially certified.

6. evaluation

In practice, it has been shown that, after half a year, a common review of all possible solutions which the parties agreed upon, could be of benefit to everyone.