Dr. Piet Sellke

certified mediator

Dr. Piet Sellke’s area of expertise is risk analysis, risk governance and conflict resolution. His emphasis is the analysis of different perceptions of conflicts as well as their solution. Further, Piet Sellke is an expert in designing and implementing public dialogue processes, whether that is for the early involvement of citizens or for the resolution of persiting conflicts. In the business sector, Mr. Sellke is working as a Mediator to resolve conflicts within or between teams in companies or between companies itself. He is consulting on best practices in communication, which in the past he among other clients performed for the Department of Homeland Security in the U.S..

Dr. Sellke has teaching positions at the University of Vienna for Risk Governance, Crisis communication and conflict resolution. With the private Steinbeis University for Innovation and Management he also teaches change management and scientific methods. Mr. Sellke is advisor of the World Economic Forum (Geneva) in their survey advisory group and member of the Panel on citizen participation by the State of Baden-Wuerttemberg.

His main area of work focus on:

  • business mediation
  • conflicts in the field of infrastructure
  • participation