mediation of private conflicts

In cases of private confrontations the mediation procedure is able to help reaching a consensus-based solution in a fast and expedient way, whether it concerns a dispute between neighbours, a case of tenancy law, a divorce or inheritance matters. And that brings great benefits to all parties involved!

  • an out-of-court settlement is usually much less costly
  • the resolution of the conflict is faster
  • relations with neighbours and/or your own family and the relationship between landlord and tenant is affected in a lesser way – which is generally advantageous for any future cohabitation
  • the relation between the parties will be improved because the conflicts are resolved in a fair and open way

adribo has gathered experiences in the mediation of private conflicts in various forms:

  • construction disputes, for example construction defects or faults or disputes related to real estate matters
  • rental matters, for example disputes with the landlord or tenant
  • neighbourhood conflicts, for example between condominium owners
  • marital disputes, for example in the case of divorces, maintenance or custody disputes
  • inheritance issues, for example the division and liquidation of the estate