a fair solution – fast, cost-effective and efficient

It is an out-of-court agreement on a win-win basis: that is another way to describe mediation. As mediators we do not play the role of lawyers or judges but we rather are moderators in a process of conflict resolution. To be impartial is our top priority! That means that we don’t represent the interests of a single conflict party. We rather bear in mind the interests of all parties and their needs. It is our aim to develop a solution in collaboration with two or even more conflict parties in a constuctive and efficient way.

The basis for this is a clearly structured procedure which is regulated by the Law on Mediation and throughout which the mediator accompanies the parties involved in a professional and expedient manner. It is important to remember that the individual wishes are respected, the interests of everybody are taken into account and recognised and that the points of view of all conflict parties are perceived and appreciated as being equivalent. In the mediation procedure we strictly comply with the Code of Conduct and the Principles of Mediation.

There are many reasons why to choose mediation:
It doesn’t only save time and money but also preserves your business relations. Very often, family conflicts are solved. The most important prerequisite for achieving this goal is that the parties to the conflict are ready to engage in this process and that the latter is professionally accompanied by our mediators.