The fees for a mediation procedure are – according to the scope of the procedure – significantly lower than those of a legal dispute. The fees for our services depend on the scope of the procedure and the number of the persons which will participate in the procedure. The basic hourly rate is a standard hourly rate ranging from 180 euros up to 280 euros per hour and has to be negotiated. Traveling or other expenses and, where applicable, any value added tax will be added. In most of the cases, the parties of the conflict will share the costs. Some of the legal expenses insurances cover (partly) the costs for the mediation procedure or for the out-of-court conflict resolution. The final mediation agreement can be notarially certified on request. Additional fees for the authentification must be paid separately subject to the Court and Notary Fee Regulation Act (GNotKG).

We will offer you an in-depth consultation free of charge in one of our offices.

Mediation doesn’t only save your money and your time. The essential benefit of the mediation procedure are lasting solutions,new impulses and motivation.