contact persons

adribo stands for: competence, interdisciplinarity, activity at a supra-regional level.

Nicole Etscheit, M.A.

certified mediator

mediator lawyer journalist

location: Berlin

  • backing and follow-up during the resolution of conflicts between generations during the restructuring of (family) companies

Günter Erdmann

certified mediator

lawyer, commercial mediator

location: Hamburg

  • franchise law
  • national and international distribution law
  • economic law

Helga Jaspersen, M.A.

certified mediator

mediator, business mediator, coach, systemic supervisor, management consultant

location: Hanover

  • staff conflicts in companies
  • establishment of conflict management systems
  • executive coaching

Dr. Dietrich Pielsticker, M.A.

certified mediator

mediator, business mediator, lawyer, notary public, Attorney-at-Law, New York

location: Berlin

  • backing and follow-up of company start-ups and mergers
  • conflicts between associates, partners or shareholders

Prof. Dr. Roland Fritz, M.A.

certified mediator

mediator, business mediator, supervisor, lawyer

location: Frankfurt on the Main

  • mediation in the public sector
  • business mediation
  • mediation in matters of family and inheritance law
  • mediator of participation procedures

Markus Weinkopf, M.A.

certified mediator

mediator, architect, town planner

location: Munich

  • backing and follow-up of private and public building projects and urban planning

Dr. Christian Zwach, M.A.

certified mediator

mediator, registered mediator in civil law cases in Austria, legal expert, tax consultant, public accountant

location: Graz (Austria)

  • backing, follow up and presentation during conflicts between different generations
  • company succession

Dr. Piet Sellke

certified mediator

mediator, social scientist

location: Stuttgart

  • Wirtschaftsmediation
  • Infrastrukturkonflikte
  • Partizipation