business mediation

The significance of mediation as a conflict solving strategy is growing from year to year. More and more enterprises and public institutions prefer mediation to legal disputes

  • because they know that they are more independant from the timing and scheduling of the courts. Therefore they can safe precious time.
  • because they have experienced the fact that quite often a lengthy legal dispute is far more expensive than a mediation procedure
  • because they would avoid under all circumstances that a confrontation becomes known to the public
  • or because it is important for them that the relation towards their conflicting partner will not be affected by a possibly fierce court battle

adribo has gathered experiences in many branches and has given its support to well-known business companies and institutions through mediation procedures in most various forms, i.e. in plant engineering and construction, in medical technology, in the automotive industry or in the financial sector and also in the public and private research sector. These include in particular disputes within the field of Commercial and Economic Law as, for example, conflict resolutions with business partners, competitors or company mergers. But adribo has also successfully solved conflicts between employees and employers, especially in cases of notices of termination of employment or when it comes to the rights and obligations of employers or employees, respectively.